Grace Schwindt

Grace Schwindt (b.1979, Germany) is an artist based in London working with film, live performance and sculpture.

She uses theatrical sets for video and performance works with minimal architectural elements and props to mark a location, for example, a family home. She places bodies in these spaces, sometimes including her own, and uses a tightly-scripted choreography in which every move relates to institutionalised systems that rely on exclusion and destruction. She investigates how social relations and understandings about ourselves are formed in such systems. Interviews that she conducts with individuals often serve as a starting point for fictionalised dialogues that are then delivered by different performers. She also creates sculptures and drawings.

Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp represents her and Argos Centre for Media and Art distribute her works. Recent solo presentations include exhibitions at the South London Gallery (2011), White Columns Gallery in New York (2010) and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (2010). Last year, she received the Grant to Individual Artist for Performance Art and Theatre from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York. In January 2012, she completed the film Tenant that was produced as part of Film London Artists Moving Image Network. Tenant has been shown in solo exhibitions at Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, Void Gallery in Derry, Whitechapel Gallery in London, Wiels – Centre for Contemporary Arts in Brussels and CCA – Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. In 2014 she received a bursary from Artsadmin in London. She is also developing a new performance work to be presented at Playground Festival (Museum M and STUK) in Leuven in collaboration with Arnolfini in Bristol as well as a performance that will be presented as part of Performatik Festival (Kaaitheatre) in Brussels in 2015.


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