Boram Moon

Boram Moon is an artist living and working between the UK and South Korea. She has an MA in Contemporary Art Practice (Performance Pathway) from the Royal College of Art, London, 2018; and a BA in Painting from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, 2014.

Moon works across performance, sculptural installation and video with a focus on the sensory responses evoked by power, pressure, posture and gesture. By interrupting the physical integrity of materials, she investigates the triggers created by memory and the unconscious. Her works are often instructed by performance scores drawn from translations condensed through automated physiological (bodily) memories; or recording the movements of the body in relation to objects and spaces.

Scales is a research project and work-in-progress for Moon, which has been in early stages of conception and development at Metroland Studio in Brent throughout her residency with The Showroom in 2021-22.

Through poetry, object-making and performance, Moon explores the performative potential and bodily role of costume in visual art. Scales explores the representation of costume over time - either through hiding or emphasis on the skin - opening up approaches to the formation of the body in relation to the gaze of others.

Moon writes,

Scales: one dictionary definition of a scale is a small, thin, horny and bony plate protecting the skin of fish and reptiles, typically overlapping one another. My research aims to explore the social scales that are assigned to us; and to focus in-depth on the ways in which individual subjects have utilised costume in transformative ways; how costume has a presence in visual art in relation to the body and how it might have new possibilities in the present.”

Since February 2021, together with two other artists, Myungwoo Jung and Ikjung Cho, Moon has been co-running Windmill, a performance space in Seoul, South Korea.

As a playground/laboratory dedicated to performance, Windmill is a space where each individual artist is able to foster their own artistic practices. Approaching the space with a long-term perspective, Windmill collaborates with artists, curators and researchers with varying backgrounds by hosting performances, studies of performance and workshops. They aspire to expand the grounds of performance by cultivating the performative movement of contemporary art, founded upon the collaborations that formulate collegial networks and facilitate rapport and empowerment between artists.

Boram Moon, Backward Roll Safety, Installation view, Ways to Experiencing, KCCUK, London, 2019


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