Circular Facts

Circular Facts (2009–2011) was a network of three European contemporary art organisations: Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory (Utrecht), Objectif Exhibitions (Antwerp), The Showroom (London) in partnership with Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and Electric Palm Tree.

Working collaboratively as an informal think-tank and a mutual support structure that worked as a hub for the production and dissemination of artistic projects. The emphasis of the collaboration was on finding non-bureaucratic ways of working together, the sharing of imaginative thinking and open-ended forms of circulation.

Beyond our common interest in maintaining a climate conducive to artistic creativity and criticality was a desire for a pragmatic and sustainable model for co-production, which continues beyond the scope of this particular project.

Alongside a series of artists’ commissions, the organisations involved conducted joint research to articulate the positions of small to medium scale arts organisations. This included a three-day Public Meeting in Antwerp during 6–8 May 2011, and a book published in October 2011.

Circular Facts was supported by the European Union Culture Programme.


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