Bibliography for Navine G. Dossos: There Is No Alternative

This Bibliography and Book List provides a comprehensive list of the books and documents that constituted an integral part of Navine Dossos’ project There is No Alternative which ran at The Showroom from 5 June – 27 July 2019.

A range of workshops, talks and screenings took place throughout There Is No Alternative, activating the wall paintings and contributing to the collective production of the space. This discursive programme was shaped in relation to a growing research archive gathered by Navine G. Dossos in dialogue with The Showroom team and a network of new and long-term peers and collaborators, including those who are affected by and are developing critical responses to Prevent nationwide.

Books include Island by Aldous Huxley, Edward Said’s Orientalism and Hamja Ahsan’s Shy Radicals amongst many more.

Navine has selected one article from the research archive bibliography to be available to download here in The Library: We Are Completely Independent, a key report about Prevent written by Asim Qureshi and Ben Hayes, published by independent grass roots advocacy organisation CAGE.

Documents in the Bibliography range from The Preventing Prevent Handbook: The Prevent Agenda by Hareem Ghani, Zamzam Ibrahim and Illyas Nagdee to Born Radicals? Prevent, Positivism, and ‘Race-Thinking’ by Katy Sian, amongst many more. Digital copies are available upon request. To enquire email [email protected]


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