Spaces of Equality #1: Discussion

Monday 2 July 2012, 7–9pm

Spaces of Equality is an informal research group involving artists, educators, researchers, teachers and students in thinking through questions around participation and community, led by The Showroom, FLAG (Chelsea School of Art and Design) and Goldsmiths’ Department of Education Studies.

As a part of this, in connection with the exhibition (in)visibilities, Andrea Francke and Annette Krauss are leading a workshop that addresses questions of (in)visibility in relation to how social structures and conditions are experienced in everyday life and made visible, or not, and why this is so. The artists propose to create a ritual of equality as an exercise to work/think through the following: art consists ‘not in showing the invisible, but rather showing the extent to which the invisibility of the visible is invisible.’ Michel Foucault.

Followed by a presentation by Dennis Atkinson, Professor of Art in Education at Goldsmiths, University of London, that addresses the term ‘spaces of equality’.

This is event is part of the project Spaces of Equality and accompanies the exhibition (in)visibilities, which is produced within Communal Knowledge.


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