Sxwks, Performance Documentation, 2019. Courtesy of The Showroom

Artist Collective Sxwks presents an afternoon of music and poetry


Artist Collective Sxwks presents an afternoon of music and poetry with Julianknxx, Caleb Femi, Darius McFarlane and DJ Leanne George hosted by Presenter Swarzy Macaly

Sxwks is a collective of young artists, based in London, that have come together to produce art through different mediums. A melting pot of Poets, Photographers, Musicians, Graphic Designer and Illustrators, Six Weeks is our collective response to passion; it is the abandonment of societal restrictions and the pursuit of purpose. Founded in 2014 during the six weeks holiday, a time of no restriction, we combined our work to put on our first show “Above the Mic”. With the traction gained over the years, we have successfully continued to grow as a platform, sharing diverse and thought-provoking content.

This programme takes place within Theaster Gates’s installation Black Image Corporation presented by Prada, The Vinyl Factory, and The Showroom. Collective Intimacy is inspired by Gates’s ethos of collaboration and The Showroom’s commitment to togetherness and communal knowledge, taking on multiple trans-located narratives of the current Black experience as a point of departure for a cosmopolitan worldview. In response to Gates’s reactivated spaces in Chicago and how his socially engaged projects enable communities to connect and grow, Collective Intimacy aims to create a new space for people to gather, listen, converse, and contemplate amongst a fusion of art, design, music, and everyday life.

Black Image Corporation presents distinct spaces creating a myriad of possibilities for collective engagements, featuring an installation of Gates’s art objects, furnishings, and new films that capture the methodologies of urban renewal and community activation founding his practice. Pieces from Chicago imbued with powerful histories, uses, and localities resonate with distinctive lounge design from here in London – like a love letter between two cities, under the roof of a new House. Taking place at both 180 The Strand and The Showroom, Collective Intimacy hosts interdisciplinary interventions by artists, musicians, designers, writers, thinkers, collectives and members of the public, who are all invited to distort notions of selfhood and togetherness in the spirit of creating a global community.



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