Can Altay: Boundaries and Communities

26 November 2010

A discussion moderated by Can Altay, with architect Neil Bennett (Terry Farrell and Partners), David Cunningham (University of Westminster), Janna Graham (Serpentine Gallery), Chloe McCarthy (My City Too), Jonathan Mosley (architect) and a representative of the Migrants Resource Centre.

Physical, social, economic and political, the boundaries in cities present a series of pressing issues. This will be a discussion event on the notions of ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Communities’. Departing from the idea that limits within cities are not immediately noticeable, but at times manifest themselves through extreme physicality, this topic focuses on such visible and invisible boundaries; how they are negotiated, neglected, transgressed, or forcefully maintained both locally in Church Street and more widely within urban environments.

The Showroom’s local neighbourhood of Church Street is an area that is defined in many ways by the wide range of communities that it hosts. Addressing both the structured community groups, as well as those who are situated on the more precarious margins of society, this discussion will attempt to question to what degree these communities negotiate one another, and whether the notion of ‘negotiation’ is a necessary approach to tackle issues that are raised across boundaries within communities both within Church Street and other urban contexts.

This was an event to accompany the exhibition, Can Altay: The Church Street Partners’ Gazette.


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