The pleasure of aesthetic life

An exhibition of works by Anya Gallaccio, Douglas Gibb, Denise Hawrysio, Georges Perec, Daniel Spoerri, John Wilkins, Gera Urkom, curated by Amikan Toren.

Amikan Toren, an established and respected artist, is invited to curate this exhibition at The Showroom. The works he has chosen span a variety of forms including photography, painting, sculpture, artists books, literature and video. Likewise these works weren’t confined to a particular historical moment but had been produced between the 1960’s and 1996. Whilst being a part of, or referring to, the art movements of Fluxus, minimalism and conceptual art this exhibition was not intended to be historical or thematic, but had been devised by Toren to be a work in its own right, one that he as an artist had made.

Toren had described his intention as follows;

‘This exhibition groups a small number of artists working in a variety of approaches and using different techniques. The exhibition has no theme. rather it emphasises the singularity of the works in relation to each other. There is however, a thread through which they might connect. The notion that the work “makes itself” is in some measure applicable to them all.’

Though tenuous this was the only designated link: each work generates a structure via a self-imposed constrain or restriction.

With accompanying publication.


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