Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london)

re-projecting (london) is a major new commission by Brazilian artist Ricardo Basbaum, and the first significant presentation of his internationally renowned artwork in the UK.

Throughout July 2013 Basbaum is in residency at The Showroom for a programme of nine new projects organised in collaboration with Louise Shelley who leads The Showroom’s Communal Knowledge programme. Each project connects to one of nine locations that have been determined through the application of an abstract shape onto the map of the area. The shape, which Basbaum calls NBP (New Basis for Personality), has formed the basis of numerous works by the artist in diverse formats since the early 1990s, providing a situation that others are invited to take over and shape.

Basbaum’s NBP shape creates a framework for individuals and groups to connect – including a women’s refuge, a women’s finance network, a homeless day centre, a domestic workers’ union, a youth club, an LGBT centre, a youth theatre group, an older people’s centre and a Further Education college – and for thoughts, experiences and ideas to circulate. The distribution to and among participants of wooden objects shaped like the angles of the NBP aims to generate different public and private uses. Contributors to re-projecting (london) include seven artists, an anthropologist, an opera singer, a mathematician, a choreographer, and a wide range of individuals and groups from Church Street neighbourhood.

The nine projects are presented in The Showroom’s gallery – which also functions as an ‘open working room’ for collaborators, participants and public to meet, discuss and work together. A programme of public events, performances, screenings and conversations runs throughout the month.

‘Although each of the nine actions can be taken as a singular activity, with its own proponents and audience, re-projecting (london) is also a collective and group occurrence. Its gestures negotiate the protocols of contemporary experience and art practice, as a line of flight for producing meaning.’ Ricardo Basbaum, 2013.

Contributors: Ada Court, ASK!, Ania Bas, BNP Paribas Women’s Internal Network, City of Westminster College, Chris Dercon, DreamArts, Paul Elliman, FLAG, Fourth Feathers Youth Centre, Jamie George, Henrietta Hale, Studio Hato, Claudia Hummel, Eva Jablonka, Justice For Domestic Workers, Anton Kats, Annette Krauss, Simone Mair, Marylebone Project, Daniella Mattos, Massimiliano Mollona, Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, Lania Narjee, Christian Nyampeta, Lucy Pawlak, Andrew Pickering, Read-In!, Seymour Art Collective, Louise Shelley and Patrick Staff.

re-projecting (london) is realised through the Communal Knowledge programme. Communal Knowledge is generously supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, City Bridge Trust, the City of London Corporation’s Charity, John Lyon’s Charity and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. re-projecting (london) is produced in the framework of COHAB, a two-year project with Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht and Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, supported by a Cooperation Measures grant from the European Commission Culture Programme (2007–2013).


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