Oliver Zwinck: Zora

Straddling the millennium like a colossus, Zwink exhibits a newly commissioned body of work that reflected his continuing interest in the mapping of geographical landscapes and architecture. Zwink’s practice involves making sculptural works that are three-dimensional explorations of the city. Constructing fragile and complex maquettes of imaginary urban landscapes, his Cityscapes are constructed from paper with a scale that turns the viewer into a giant, left to roam through its streets.

Once the buildings are produced, Zwink sprays them with monochromatic inks that cause the paper architecture to partially collapse and reshape itself. The colouring of the paper suggesting a rain soaked, concrete jungle.

For his solo show at The Showroom Zwink has made a new site-specific Cityscape that entirely fills the front space of the gallery. The audience and staff of the gallery constantly had to negotiate his urban landscape when moving around the space. In the back space of the gallery he shows a large-scale drawing and a video work that describs a journey across his Cityscape.

While Oliver Zwink has taken part in prestigious group shows in the UK and abroad this commission is his first major solo exhibition in London.


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