Alan Kane: Dry Paint

The Showroom presents Dry Paint, an exhibition of new works by London based artist Alan Kane.

Dry Paint is an investigation into the miracle of drawing by the artist. The exhibition was simultaneously a celebration of this elemental form of art production and an exposé of a certain amount of ‘slightness’ of hand.

This project was a development of previous works that had involved irreverent, one-off events for a variety of spaces, including pubs, clubs, and a fish and chip shop. In these works Alan Kane played with the idea of the artist as a producer and author of objects.

Alan Kane made a series of paintings for The Showroom. These seemingly sketchy canvases continued Kane’s enquiry into the decision-making processes in art production, and the validation of these processes by the artist and the viewer.

Through revisiting a way of working that he abandoned in the early 90’s, Kane’s aim was not only to push himself to produce object-based works, but by the inclusion of contradictory elements of confidence and uncertainty, place the hot potato in the viewers court.


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