The Lavendar Project

The Lavendar Project is an initiative by Jon Frame, Gallery Assistant at The Showroom.

The Lavendar Project started in 2011 to raise public awareness of same-sex cultural history, and aims to establish a permanent display of same-sex and transgender historical material for inclusive access and education.

The first release from The Lavendar Project at The Showroom is a re-printing and re-distribution of The Gay Liberation Front 1971 Manifesto.

The Gay Liberation Front 1971 Manifesto was one of first formalised publications to promote and clarify the Movement’s political positions regarding equality for same-sex and transgender people. Since the Movement’s dissolution in 1974, many of the artifacts and printed materials relating to the activities of GLF have been lost or deteriorated beyond recovery. The remaining objects and publications are now kept either in various civic archives or stored in personal collections, so public access is not always easy or even possible.

The Lavender Project, with support from The Showroom, makes The Gay Liberation Front 1971 Manifesto available to the public for free.


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