–  juneau/projects/, 2004, installation view

The Showroom commissioned juneau/projects/ to make a new body of work for presentation at the gallery during January and February 2004.

juneau/projects/ was created by artists Phil Duckworth and Ben Sadler in 1999. Based in Birmingham, juneau/projects/ have developed their practice in reaction to the status of electronic goods in contemporary culture. Their projects explore the possibilities and limitations of these common consumer items. Using the technology's inbuilt ability to record its own destruction, juneau/projects/practice centres upon a process of metamorphosis; in this instance destroying to create. In the past the duo have used mobile phones, computer hardware, camcorders, dictaphones and cd walkmans in their work. These consumer 'durables' are put under stress and in most cases actually destroyed to make sound and performance-based works.

For The Showroom, juneau/projects/ presented a series of new video and sound pieces, as part of a larger installation. Each work - surrounded by the ephemera resulting from its production - acted as a distinct chapter within the whole, suggesting that a narrative thread is present. Mapped out like a road trip, the duo took us to the rural settings of their performance-based works and introduced us to the cast of characters that they have encountered.

juneau/projects/ presented a new performance work at the opening, followed by a programme of performances throughout the duration of their show.

juneau/projects/ have made projects for Grizedale Arts, Cumbria; Spacex, Exeter and Norwich Gallery, Norwich .Their project for The Showroom wasjuneau/projects/ first solo show in London.