The Showroom Talks: I can't live without...
Curated by Shama Khanna
18, 25 August and 1 September 2007


Saturday 25 August

From 12:00
New work by Jesse Ash
New work by Stephen Beasley and Lesley Sharpe
New work by Mike Cooter
Slide installation by Bernd Behr
Part 2 of Poster work by The Hut Project
Part 2 of Publish and Be Damned collaboration

From 14:00
Screening of ‘How do I love thee?’ by Emma Hart
'I can't live without...' Talk by Lisa Lefeuvre with live ‘Graphic Recording’ by The Hut Project and Don Braisby
Part 2 of Performance written by Mark Beasley
Reading by Mike Sperlinger
Screening of ‘They Call Me… Don’t Call Me’ by John Sealey

Saturday 1 of September

From 12:00
New work by:
Stella Capes
Tom Woolner
Kate Owens and Tommy Grace
Ian White
Kit Craig
‘Pyramid Newspaper’ launch by Hardcore is More Than Music
Contribution by Hannah Rickards
Performance written by Dominic Eichler
Video work by The Freee Art Collective
As well as the conclusive parts of
Publish and Be Damned collaboration
Performance written by Mark Beasley

I can't live without... was a one-off series of live events, screenings and a changing exhibition that took place at The Showroom across three Saturdays from mid-August to early September 2007.

I can’t live without… aimed to address the view that 'the non-essential is the most essential component of contemporary art'[1] by examining attitudes towards the essential and the non-essential in contemporary practice.
A selection of artists, writers, theorists and curators new to The Showroom as well as those with an existing relationship to the gallery were asked to contribute to the project by considering what, when it comes to making work, they can’t do without.

Over three weeks during late summer 2007 the gallery became an active space for the trial of new thinking and emergent working processes reflecting The Showroom’s role as a seedbed for bold new practice and experimentation.

Respondents included; Jesse Ash, Stuart Bailey, Mark Beasley, Stephen Beasley and Lesley Sharpe, Dave Beech, Bernd Behr, Stella Capes, Mike Cooter, Kit Craig, Dominic Eichler, Liam Gillick, Tommy Grace and Kate Owens, Dan Griffiths, Hardcore is More Than Music, Emma Hart, The Hut Project, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Publish and Be Damned, Lisa Lefeuvre, Andrea Phillips, Hannah Rickards, John Sealey, Mike Sperlinger, Frances Stark, Anne Tallentire, Lawrence Weiner, Ian White and Tom Woolner.

I can’t live without… celebrated the launch of Dot Dot Dot issue 14 and ‘For Some Perverts this Sentence is a Body’ On the work of Frances Stark by Mary Leclère.

[1] Quote taken from ‘Factories in the Snow’ a talk by Liam Gillick given at the Frieze Art Fair 2006.